What the parents say

“Discussions with parents and carers confirm that they are extremely satisfied with the level of care provided to their children” Ofsted

“The care, understanding, love and support that you have shown is something I shall always treasure. I feel that her first step into the outside world is because of your love and support and the confidence you all have instilled in her.” Dolly

“I’ve never seen my son’s interests catered for with such care before.” Andrea

“I saw the staff and children making soup together for snack time. Wow, I’ve never seen that before.” Louise

“I went in to share Portuguese songs and stories with the children. This made my son feel really special and helped him to settle in at the group. They really care about making all children feel part of the group.” Luisa

“I feel they almost love our children as much as we do.” Antonia

“I trust Anita and the staff in everything they are doing. My son doesn’t speak English but staff encourage and support him to take part in small group activities and I have seen his confidence grow.” Monica

“The staff have really helped my son with his handwriting which has made me feel more confident that he will make a smooth transition to his Reception year.” Kate

“A thorough knowledge of each child ensures that the staff support children’s learning and welfare at all times. Children’s safety and security is given priority, ensuring that good quality learning opportunities take place both in the setting and when learning about the local environment and the wider world.” Ofsted

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