Typical session

Below is a guide to how our sessions operate for both our morning session (9.00am – 12noon) & afternoon session (12.45pm – 3.45pm).

There are two rooms and an outside area, with different activities being offered in each area. During free play children have the opportunity to access these areas where they can experience all activities and resources. Children then spend time in their room groups, participating in group/targeted learning with their key person.


On arrival parents/carers and children are greeted by the members of staff.  Before saying goodbye and leaving, parent/carers are requested to support their child/ren to hang their bags and coats onto their peg and check them in by helping them to find their name card and place it into the post box.  Parent/carers also have the opportunity to speak to staff, collect letters and information. This is a good time to pass on any information about your child/ren that will help us e.g. if they have not slept well and might be tired or even just catching us up on what they are interested in so we can build this into our planning.



Free play – children may choose from a range of resources and activities, either inside or outside.  Play is freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated. There are many activities for children to get involved in; sand, water, play-dough, painting, books, making things, building constructions, games, puzzles, music and so on. As well as the resources that are always available, staff will observe what children are interested in and add new experiences to extend their learning. Staff will lead or support children’s play where needed.



Rolling Snack. This is a social and learning time where we offer the children a variety of healthy snacks tailored to the dietary needs of the child. Children are able to take part in preparing, or simply help themselves, to a healthy snack during the session. Water and milk is offered during this time and water is available throughout the session.



Children are encouraged to tidy up. Everyone does this together both indoors and out. We find many opportunities for learning as children pack away their activities; sorting and classifying resources, counting to make sure a collection is complete, working together, listening to and giving instructions, reading pictures or print to know what goes in drawers etc.



‘Circle time’ and ‘targeted learning’ is a time when all the children in their class come together.  Starting with a ‘circle time’ song we welcome everyone to the group. This part of the session can include celebrating a birthday or festival, playing counting games or sounding of words, discussing weather, group rules etc. During this time children will have the opportunity to participate in adult-led activities, as an individual or in a small or large group. This is an opportunity for key workers to focus on targeted learning. Children enjoy these times when they can sit alongside their friends and share things altogether.

11.50 – 12noon – We finish the session with singing and/or story time.

End of session – Parents/carers collect their children or optional Lunch club until 12-45pm


  • The afternoon session differs slightly in that after the arrival of children we commence with the circle time and targeted learning, followed by free play until 3.20pm.
  • On Mondays we have the use of the dance studio. Children will have the opportunity to participate in range of activities e.g. movement to music, parachute play, assault courses etc.
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