Administering Medicines Nov 2018

Admissions Policy

Application to Join

Arrivals-and-Departures-policy June 2018

Biting Policy & Procedure November 17

British Values Policy November 17

Children’s Rights and Entitlements Policy Feb 18

Complaints Form

Complaints Procedure November 17

Confidentiality and Client Access to Records May 2017

Conflicts of Interest Policy Nov 17

Disciplinary Procedure July 16

Emergency Staffing Procedure 2017

Employment Policy

Equality & Diversity Policy March 18

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Policy June 2018

Food Hygiene and Reporting of Food Poisonings Policy Apr 18

Food Policy and Lunch club advisory notes 2018

Grievance Policy June 2018

Health & Safety (General Standards) 2017

ICT Internet Policy – March 17

Information Sharing Nov 18

Intimate Care Policy Feb 18

Learning and Play Policy Jan 18

Lockdown Policy and Procedure Nov 2018

Lone Working Procedure June 17

Lone Working Risk Assessment – June 17

Maintaining Childrens Safety and Security on Premises May 17

Managing Children Who Are Sick, Infectious or with allergies November 2018

Missing Child Policy July 17

No Smoking Policy February 2017

Online Safety Inc Mobile Phones & Cameras March 17

Parent Involvement Policy November 17

Policy & Proceedure for the Payment & Collection of Fees May 17

Procedure for Securing the Outside Area May 17

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy March 18

Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Apr 18

Risk Assessment May 2017

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy May 2018

Procedure for Securing the Outside Area May 17

Staff Supervision Policy June 17

Student Placements Policy February 2017

Supervision of children on outings and visits May 18

Supporting Children with SEND (Information) Mar 18

Supporting Children with SEND (policy) New March 18

The Role of the Key Person & Settling in policy May 2017

Uncollected Child Policy June 17

Visitors Policy 2017

Volunteer Policy February 2017

Whistleblowing_Policy March 2018


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