Admissions 2020 – 2021

Applying for a place at Little Cherries

We are now inviting applications for January 2021.

Detailed information about our admissions process can be found in the documents below:

Admissions Policy 2020

Application Form to Join Jan 2021 PDF

Application Form to Join Jan 2021 Word

Fee and Payment Procedures June 2020

Little Cherries Privacy Notice May 2019

Please take time to read the information and then complete the Application Form and bring it to Little Cherries with the relevant documents as soon as possible. Alternatively these documents can be collected from Little Cherries.

Visit sessions for prospective parents

If you wish to arrange a visit to Little Cherries please call 07725 951619 or email

Timetable of dates for applications:

Term of admission Child’s birthday between Date applications open Date applications close Places allocated from
Autumn Sept 1st 2016 – Feb 28th 2018 Feb 24th 2020 Apr 1st 2020 Apr 20th 2020
Spring Sept 1st 2016 – May 31st 2018 Sept 7th 2020 Oct 23rd 2020 End Nov 2020
Summer Sept 1st 2016 – Aug 31st 2018 Jan 4th 2021 Feb 12th 2021 End Feb 2021

The information in the following guides may also be of interest:

Information Handbook 2020

Getting Started Guide 2020

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